Etienne Khoo’s Intensive Urban Course

Etienne’s Intensive Urban Course 2017


What is it?

‘Etienne’s Intensive Urban Course’ will be the first of it’s kind in Australia. The main focus of the course will be intensive training in street styles of dance, such as Urban and Hip Hop from Australia’s most sought after choreographers, as well as some of the world’s most renowned choreographers.

How long is the course and where will it be held?

The course will run Monday to Thursday from 9.30am to 4pm for six months with no mid term break. The course will be held at

 o2 Dance Studios, 25-29 Wangaratta Street, Richmond 3121.

What does the course include?

Although this is an urban course, it also includes compulsory training in Broadway Jazz once a week. The course also includes yoga, pilates, drills, acro, safe dance and using gym equipment. The students will be taught about the history and cultures of each style of dance. There will be guest speakers that will teach the students about nutrition, how to brand themselves, how to create short dance clips to promote themselves and to inspire them to get creative, confident and independent. Students will also have the chance to learn from international choreographers.

At the end of the six months, the students will get to showcase all of their hard work on stage in front of family, friends and the general public. They will also get to perform in a music video for a local musician. The students will also learn about working back stage and behind the scenes during these projects.

Is it accredited?

No, it is not accredited. As this is a one of a kind course, the idea is to keep the numbers small to ensure the students get the best possible training and education for their money.

This is also a great taster for those who wish to embark on a full time accredited course in the future.

Can anyone join?

It is preferred that students thinking of auditioning have at least two years of dance experience. That can be professionally trained or intermediate/advanced level casual classes. We are looking for students that are passionate about dance and prepared to challenge themselves for six months of intensive training. We want students who are hungry to learn and are prepared to take the training seriously, but not too serious that you forget to have fun!

When and where will the auditions be held?

The auditions will be held at o2 Dance Studios in Richmond during November/December each year. Spots are also limited. If you are successful during the audition, but all the positions are taken, then you will be first in line for the following course.